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To establish notarized documents in English


Notary Judie Chang was conffered as 1st-class English-fluent notary by the Judicial Yuan; therefore, as the applicants require, Notary Judie Chang may establish the following notarized documents in English or on Chinese/English bilingual basis:

  • Notarial deeds

  • Translatation of notarial deeds

  • Ancillary notations in English

  • Attestation on English documents and their translataion


The notary can establish notarized documents in English on all juristic acts and facts related to private rights which are the eligible subject of notarization or attestation.



When the notaries establish notarial deeds in foreign languages or attest translation of documents, the notaries shall charge a 50% additional fee. The additional fee shall be no more than NTD10,000. (Article 125 of Notarization Law)


The required documents and preparation will vary depending on the types of juristic acts or facts. Please call the notary to discuss the details.

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