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Service Process

Step 1

The applicant contacts with the notary public

  • to confirm the required document

  • to make an appointment

Unless a statute requires or due to the nature of the events, notarial affairs shall be accomplished at the notary public  office.

Step 2

The applicant arrives at the notary office and submits the application for notarization or attestation.

Step 3

The notary performs the duties of notarization or attestation.

If the applicants request termination of notarization or attestation after the notaries start performing duties, or the notaries cannot complete performing their duties due to reasons caused by the applicants or persons in presence, the notaries shall charge for half of the notarial fees stipulated by the law, but no more than NTD5,000. 

Step 4

The notary prepares the deeds of notarization or attestation.

The deeds made in accordance with the Notary Act are official documents. Please be patient and wait for its accomplishment.

Step 5

The applicant pays the notarial fee and receives the deeds of notarization or attestation.

Cash is the only method of payment.

Notarial fees shall be charged according to the stipulations of the Notary Act of the Republic of China. The notaries shall not increase or decrease the amount of fees of notarization. (Article 108)

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